Bui Cong Khanh

Born on:         January 1st, 1972 in Da Nang City, Viet Nam

Email:             [email protected]

Address:         57 Tran Phu - Hoi An - Quang Nam, Viet Nam.   

Graduated:    BFA, oil painting Department, University of Fine Arts, Ho Chi Minh City.

Solo Show


- 2016, October: DWELLINGS-solo show at Esplanade Theatre-Singapore


- 2016, July : DISLOCATE (co-organized by San Art), The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

- 2015, Sept: “Fortress Temple” Exhibition at 10 ChanceryLance Gallery-HongKong.


- 2014, February: “For Home and Country” Exhibition at Yavuz Gallery-Singapore, curated by Iola Lenzi.

- 2010, May:     Exhibition painting “JUICE” at Java Café in Phnom Penh ,Cambodia.

- 2010, May:     Personal Exhibition “SAFE” at L’USINE, HCM City.

- 2010, Apr:      Personal Exhibition “LIFE IS CONSUMPTION” at SAN ART,HCMCity.


- 2005, May:    Personal Exhibition Painting, Installation “THE SOUVENIR” at Mai’s       Gallery

- 2004, Mar:     Personal Exhibition Painting, Installation, and Performance “I AND THE WHAT” at Mai’s Gallery in HCMC.

Group Show :


- 2017, March :   Undefined Bounaries Exhibition at  Korean Cultural Center and Heritage Space-Ha Noi-Viet Nam.


- 2016, October : ‘Singapore Biennale 2016: An Atlas of Mirrors’, Singapore Art Museum,

- 2016, August: Concept Context Contestation: art and the collective in Sountheast Asia in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

- 2016, June:   Sein-Antlitz-Koerper Exhibition –Berlin-Germany

- 2016, March: “Into Thin Air” Group exhibition at Manzi-Ha Noi, Viet Nam.


- 2015, Sept:   Reshaping Tradition: Contemporary Ceramics from East Asia at Pacific Asia Museum-USA.


- 2015, June:  Concept Context Contestation: art and the collective in Sountheast Asia at Goethe Institut-Ha Noi-Viet Nam.

2015, February:  Group exhibition BUILDING HISTORIES ( Nine artists from Southeast Asia - five from Myanmar and four from neighboring countries) at Goethe Institute-Yangong-Burmar). 

- 2014,September: Group exhibition "The Roving Eye: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia" –ARTER-Istanbul-Turkey.

- 2014,July: exhibition of Southeast Asian and Asian contemporary art: SENSORIUM 360'-Contemporary Art and Sensed World-Singapore Art Museum (SAM).


- 2013,Dec       “Concept Context Contestation” Art and Collective in southeast Asia at BACC-Bangkok-Thailand.

- 2013, Fall        Creative Fusion-International Artist Residency Program-Cleveland-Ohio.

- 2013,October  International Artist Lectures at Columbia College Chicago-US.

- 2013,August    “WE=ME” Asean Art Exhibition and Symposium at Silpakorn University-Bangkok-Thailand.


- 2012,Nov         “South country-South of country “ The collaboration art project between Zerostation, Vietnam and Outsider Factory, Taina-Taiwan.

- 2012,Oct          O exhibition at SAIC-School of the art institute of Chicago-US.

- 2012, Sep        RiAP-International Performace Festival-Quebec-Canada.

- 2012, Sep        IMAGESPASSAGES-Musees de l’agglomeration d’Anecy-France


- 2012, March   Exhibition of works by four rising talents from South East Asia at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery-HongKong.

2010 at Chateau de la Roche Jacquelin (Main-et- Loire) ,France.


-2010, May:    Participated in “Making History “ Exhibition at Esplanade, Singapore.

- 2009, Dec:     The Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art(APT)-Queenland’s Art

                        Gallery –Autralia.

- 2009, Feb:      INTERSECTION VietNam : New works from north & south at Valentine

                        Willie Fine Art, Singapore.

- 2009, July:     INTERSECTION VietNam:New works from north & south at Valentine   

                        Willie Fine Art ,Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia.

- 2009, May:    TIME LIGAMENTS contemporary Vietnamese artists at 10 Chancery

                        Lane Gallery ,HongKong.

- 2009, Apr:     Participated in Arts exhibition “Who do you think we are…?” at

                        BuiGallery, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.                                                           

- 2007, Oct:     Participated in Arts Exhibition “Future” at SanArt Gallery, HCM City.

- 2007, Feb:     Participated in Young Artists Exhibition at Ha Noi Fine Arts University.

- 2006, Jan:      Participated in Exhibition and Performance at Java café, Phnom Penh,     


- 2005, Nov:    Participated in International Performance Art Festival “Asiatopia 2005” in Bangkok, Thailand.

- 2005, Sept:    Exhibition “The Man Makes Rain” Video art at House                                         World Culture–Berlin, Germany.

- 2005, Apr:     Participated in Taiwan International Performance   Art Festival (Reaching  

                          Outlying-2005 TIPALive.)

- 2005, Jan:      Young Artists Exhibition at Sai Gon South Arts Center.

- 2004, Dec:     Exhibition painting in Seoul - Korea.

- 2004, Oct:      Participated in Sea Arts Festival, Busan Biennale-Korea

- 2004, Sept:    Participated in International Art Performance in Kwang-Ju, Biennale, Korea

- 2004, Sept:    Participated in International Art Performance “Congress-Welcome Gold”, Seoul, Korea.

- 2004, Jul:       Participated in “NIPAF Asian Performance Art Series” in Japan.

- 2004, Jun:      Young view competition. Centre de culturel francais de Hanoi. 2nd Prixe.

- 2003, Dec:     Performance at Blue Gallery in HCMC.

- 2003, Dec:     Installation and Performance at Binh Quoi village in HCMC.

- 2003, Nov:     Participated in Hoi An artist Club Exhibition “The Color”.

- 2003, Dec:     Participated in Arts Exhibition: “Seoul-Asia Art Now”, Seoul, South Korea.

- 2002, Dec:     Installation, Performance and Arts Exhibition: “Hoi An’s People” at La Gai Arts Space.

- 2002, Nov:     Participated in “Windows to Asia arts network” (ANA) Viet Nam Workshop.

- 2002, Nov:     Participated in International Performance Art Festival “ASIATOPIA 2002” in Bangkok, Thailand.

- 2002, Jun:      Participated in a workshop International: “MELTING POT” in Toulouse, France.

- 2002, May:    Exhibition titled: “Viet Nam Multifaceted” in Toulouse, France.

- 2002, Apr:     Exhibition titled “Tiedeux du sud” at Impressions Gallery, Paris, France.

- 2000, Jun:      Participated (painting and performance with Korea artists) in “Arts Exhibition for World Peace” at GANA gallery in Seoul, Korea.

- 1999:              Group Exhibition by young artists at Blue Gallery in Da Nang city.

- 1998:              Group Exhibition by Young Artists as Viet Nam Gallery in HCM city.

- 1997:              Installation Arts Exhibition “Who Am I?” with French and Vietnamese students.

- 1996:              Participated in annual Exhibitions of the young club in HCM city.