White Labyrinth, brings to mind a war-torn city in ruins. The collapsing walls are pierced by bullet holes, and the city has become a dead-end. The work shifts along its axis, projected as a video, magnifying the sense of helplessness in the face of the never-ending war, which erupts each time in a different place. The war’s catastrophic outcomes are still felt in Vietnam, just as they are in Israel and its neighbors. The bombarded city was once bustling with people, and has turned into a labyrinth in which people are lost. Like a piece of a rootless land, severed from the ground, floating in space, a silent witness.

Curated by Shir  Meller-Yamaguchi

White Labyrinth

Genre: Multi-media installation

Material:Ceramic,pedestal,projector, video camcorder, spot light

Dimension: Dimension varied

The works in the exhibition were created as part of an artist’s residency at Oranim Academic College Art and exhibited at Wilfid Israel Museum in 2017.